(ax + b)(cx + d)

Examples of the types of problems this program will solve are:
(3x - 2)(-4x + 3)
(-2x + 5)(6x - 3)
This program uses FOIL to simplify the product of two binomials.

When looking at your FOIL problem, reading from left-to-right, you will see four numbers.These four numbers are defined using variables a, b, c, and d, respectively.

Variables a, b, c, and d are not allowed to be zero.

If there are no numbers in front of the variable x, like (x + 6), then you would want to re-write it as (1x + 6). Then type in the value of "one" for that variable's value.

Type each of your values into the boxes below.

Var a =

Var b =

Var c =

Var d =

The examples below show you how to input the values from your FOIL problem in to the boxes provided for each variable.

Example Problem: FOIL: (2x + 3)(-4x - 6)
foil image

Example Problem: FOIL: (5x - 2)(7x + 4)
foil image

Below is a link to another website that can FOIL problems of the type: (x + 4)(x +7)